Leader Intelligence – leadership in balance through integration of the soul, heart and mind.

We all know that the world is changing faster than ever. It requires leaders who are grounded, self-aware and confident in their own unique abilities and vision.


Leader Intelligence fosters leaders who follow their vision, and bring meaningful impact to their workplace and society as a whole.


"Discover your inner self, and you will be ready to authentically lead yourself and others.”"

Marika Ronty

“By truly knowing your inner self, you are able to be less vulnerable to the external conditioning of others, while also becoming more compassionate in the process.”

Marika Ronty

“We are not different today, but it is the outside that is different and that shaped us in a way that made us strangers to ourselves.”

Marika Ronty

“Compassion, self-awareness and consciousness are the foundation of all human development.”

Marika Ronty

“It is through the leadership role that energy is created for the whole system. And, most people still do not want to realize that.”

Marika Ronty

“When will we experience acceptance for the value of getting to know oneself?”

Marika Ronty

The book’s message is to create leaders that allow the leadership role to carry more weight than the managerial role. The difference between these two roles is to be more and do less.

Tomorrow’s employees want more leaders and fewer managers. They want to be invited into dialogues to be co-creators, contributing to the expansion and development of the business.

The book also illustrates the difference between dialogue and debate, and the importance of challenging one’s comfort level.

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"In my opinion, supervision in leadership is a greater investment than just a course. The concept of Leadership Intelligence is an entirely new approach to leadership, namely that it is a concept that holds two roles that are always exercised simultaneously. Leadership is not either/or but always both/and. An approach that facilitates understanding of the concept of leadership. Too many associate leadership with management, which is only part of the leader’s responsibility."

Johan Oljeqvist, VD Fryshuset

"The LQ model has done a fantastic job with us. The thinking model has helped us to see ourselves, each other and how we work together. Using the dialogues as a tool, we have continued our development work together with continuity - and in the rearview mirror I see what a huge difference all this has done for us. Together we have lifted to completely new heights, both in terms of workplace culture and actual results. It is striking what effect we have had from this! "

Kristina Svahn, Enhetschef Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan

"In an increasingly complex world, leadership needs to take advantage of everyone's experiences and differences in a whole new way. When we start from contemplative thinking, we meet our fellow human beings with thought, body and soul in harmony. Sustainable to man, but also to productivity and profitability. It’s magical!"

Dag Strömqvist, Chef för SVT:s kultursamlingar av Kostym, Rekvisita och Möbler

“The Leadership Intelligence model is a strong support for me in the process of managing our business and managing employees. The power of empathy flows through the logical and emotional part of the LQ model. The execution always takes place in close interaction between leaders and teams. We strive to master the leadership intelligence model's all dimensions through training and adaptation to the needs of our organization that is constantly changing and challenging our endeavor.”

Joni Sayeler, VD Uppdragshuset

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