Online Courses

Web Course Leader Intelligence

The Leader Intelligence model gives you a good introduction to the new leadership.

Future employees will demand new leadership skills with a strong emphasis on the interpersonal relationships.

The course provides you with practical guidance on how to better balance your managerial and leader role. Both roles are needed with a slightly greater emphasis on the leader role.

The course is concise and clear and can very well be combined with a couple of coaching hours.

Web Course Development Dialogue

The course Development Dialogue is a modern new form of development talk that gives you a tool to start a meaningful dialogue process with your employees.
You are given tips on how to conduct group dialogues with the clear purpose that everyone contributes to the development of the business. The individual conversation emphasizes feedback.

You can invite your employees to take the course with you at the same time. The result is increased participation and greater commitment.

The joint responsibility for the business becomes clear through this model.

You get the greatest effect with a few hours of coaching before, during and after the first round.
These dialogues should become a natural element in your constantly ongoing learning and evolving process.