Contemplative Leadership

Future leadership is different from what most people have learned about leadership. Why?

Our world is ever-changing and the past solutions are no longer as effective for what is needed presently. There is a new generation of young people coming from a different place than many of their predecessors do, challenging the old leadership models.

Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to explore your inner self in a safe environment. We guide you to discover your inner truth, which is your authentic source of inspiration for engaging with the outer world. Absolute presence creates trust. According to Google, trust is the most sought after trait among leaders worldwide. The learning process in Contemplative Leadership is trusting by listening inwardly and being in silence, reflecting, and through dialogue with the help of others in the group to gain insight about yourself. Together, we work to understand through both the intellectual and emotional levels, a deeper consciousness revealing who you truly are.

What you can expect:

Through Contemplative Leadership, you become more receptive, compassionate, curious and creative. You find an inner peace that helps you make conscious choices to lead your employees so that you all see the meaning of what you do, and become co-creative with what you want to achieve.

Participation in Contemplative Leadership occurs after you have participated in an introduction meeting.

Who do we appeal to?

  • For those who have opted out of traditional leadership development programs
  • For those who want to move forward in their personal development and who are interested in shaping the future leadership with themselves as their ultimate role model
  • For those who want to experience an ongoing learning process
  • For those who are interested and curious about what their consciousness development can lead to
  • For those who want to find deeper well-being that enriches them both personally and professionally

How do we work?

  • We work to explore your and the group’s current issues
  • We read text that we reflect on
  • We introduce the gift of tranquility through short meditation sessions
  • We teach you to be in deep dialogue
  • We work in an ongoing learning process
  • We guide and create insights through reflection
  • We first let you experience and then give you a theoretical background to what we have done
  • Our theoretical starting points are based on the theory of Leader Intelligence
  • We are rooted in transpersonal psychology, motivational psychology and in various ancient wisdom traditions

We are your guides

Marika Ronty has been a leadership developer since the early 1980s. She is a psychologist, psychotherapist, author and retreat leader. She has been a university teacher in the field of leadership, and through her empirical studies has created a scientifically tested thought model for leadership, called Leader Intelligence. She has practiced mediation for several decades, and studied ancient wisdom teachings. Today, she has integrated Western psychology and various ancient wisdom teachings with her own inner experiences.

Jan Malmqvist has extensive managerial experience in the business community, and has been active as a psychosynthetic therapist for 20 years. He has been leading groups on various life issues for several years. He believes that there are no shortcuts to personal development. Thanks to his long experience with meditation and studies in ancient teachings of wisdom in combination with transpersonal psychology, he can help guide people to find their inner truth.