Development Dialogue

Development dialogue is the new development conversation. Development dialogues are conducted at all levels and always start in the management team.

To manage the business and to manage employees.

The future requires leaders who can balance soft and hard values.

The soft value is to nurture relationships both internally and externally – to create a credible corporate culture based on a given value base, and to lead its employees to development and well-being on the basis of each individual condition.

The hard value is to manage the business based on given frameworks by setting goals and monitoring results.

The purpose of the development dialogue is to clarify how everyone should contribute to the development of the business.

Business dialogue – a group dialogue

Managing a business based on frameworks, guidelines, policies and laws, etc. requires that every employee develops an understanding of the meaning of these, and can apply them best in their area of responsibility.

The business dialogue is a structured meeting to jointly explore in a working group the need for change and development, and to create a common platform for continued change and co-creation for the business.

The business dialogues will always be a recurring forum for implementing new approaches and working methods, and for steering and leading change.

Individual development dialogue

With the company’s common platform of clear frameworks and need for change, the individual development dialogue becomes clearer, shorter and more meaningful. It focuses more on personal feedback.

Using the Komfortgränsen® conversation model and the dialogue as a method of conversation, the common foundation of values is developed into personal approaches.

Conversations that develop from strategy to individual

The strategic development starts with a management group dialogue. Thereafter, there is an individual manager conversation between managers, and then each manager introduces the business dialogue in their business group. This results in clear development frameworks for the individual development dialogue between managers and employees.

In order for development to permeate the entire business, managers at all levels need a structure with a certain content (conversation basis) that will constitute a common “red thread” from one level to another throughout the organization.

We offer:

  • Introductory courses in combination with web courses.
  • Web courses in Development Dialogue for both managers and employees. The course sets out a clear purpose, approach and basis for all dialogues. The web courses can be ordered at