Leader Intelligence

Leadership should never be a trend

Leadership can never be a trend, but rather a step towards deeper consciousness.

A conscious approach to what authentic leadership means for a person who accepts a managerial position in this day and age, combines roles to effectively guide their team(s). This means the leader is connected to their soul and heart, along with being able to guide with the support of their mind, while still listening to their inner self.

The leaders of the future have the courage and ability to step out of their comfort zone.

In the framework of most managers’ comfort zones is thinking in terms of business goals, strategy and results. These are familiar concepts that can be quantified and measured with little resistance for most managers.

The manager’s role is to lead people and direct a business in a certain direction.

Future leadership development requires the ability to be able to control and lead simultaneously, and has everything to gain from challenging the manager’s comfort zone. The challenge lies mainly in understanding the importance and value of self-awareness and becoming aware of your inherent abilities. It is the leadership role’s abilities that create success.

Step out of your comfort zone, challenge your limits and develop your leadership role

To discover your inherent abilities, you must have the courage to surpass your comfort boundary. For increased awareness, you must allow yourself to be in a constantly evolving environment. Your learning is an ongoing process, which means the concept of taking short courses is outdated. The main focus of future leadership development is personal development – a process that is constantly ongoing and evolving.

Future leadership development contributes to success

Success in a business depends ultimately on your leadership. The most important and decisive factor is your ability to communicate and build relationships. Therefore, self-awareness is where your success begins.

By working with the Leader Intelligence philosophy, it is possible:

  • You learn to lead yourself and others
  • You foster commitment in the organization
  • You experience the effects of your own efforts in the organization
  • You support the creation of greater well-being and motivation among employees
  • You contribute to independent thinking and responsibility
  • You encourage self-leadership
  • You raise your awareness of what is essential for lasting success
In your managerial role, you control the business by:
  • Being result oriented
  • Being able to plan
  • Helping solve problems
  • Being able to make decisions
  • Thinking logically and strategically
In your leadership role, you lead people by:
  • Having a clear vision for the business
  • Being value driven
  • Rewarding the entire team rather than the individual
  • Stimulating collaboration over competition
  • Coaching employees to find the purpose of their contribution

Leadership means creating results by simultaneously managing a business and leading people – two roles that must be integrated.