LQ Coaching

LQ coaching guides and integrates the soul, heart and mind.

Our LQ coaching process is as follows:

  1. Start up with our self-assessment test, LIQ (Leader Intelligence Questionnaire), to highlight the balance between your managerial and leadership roles
  2. You meet an LQ coach to be introduced to the theory of leadership intelligence and we review your results to assess what you want to improve and develop
  3. The coach introduces you to the Webmaster Leadership course
  4. Follow-up

Our belief is that an organization will be successful with more leaders and fewer managers. A leader has access to their emotional and spiritual intelligence, and prioritizes the skills of these two intelligences over the rational intelligence skills needed in the managerial role, which shouldn’t be overemphasized.

If you share our conviction, we guide you to find your balance between being a leader and a manager.

The coaching process is a learning process where you and your coach explore what is most important to you right now. We believe in the ever-evolving person who feels compelled to find meaning in life. We work with you to identify goals for your personal path towards success, your employees and your business. Above all, you are supported in understanding why you make the decisions you do.

The learning process leads you to a deeper understanding of yourself. Our goal with Leadership Intelligence coaching is that you will be able to lead yourself AND your employees to become leaders themselves – what we can call Self-Leadership. When that circle closes, a learning culture is created, laying the foundation for the organization of the future that consists of independent and co-creative people.

Our coaching always starts with a complimentary introduction meeting to see and feel if we are the right “fit”. If a decision is made to continue coaching, we create an agreement to determine the amount of meetings and time needed for your specific development.

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