The Model

With the support of the Leader Intelligence model, you can contribute to and develop in new organizational constellations.

The path to Leadership Intelligence is based on RQ (your task) but always starts in SQ, transitioning into EQ and returning to RQ. The spiritual maturity that an authentic leader needs is a necessity for the next era. This is how we think about the different layers that are important to understand in order to realize how strongly Leadership Intelligence affects your ability to lead others.

RQ - Rational Intelligence
  • RQ – Rational Intelligence
  • RQ is needed for you as a manager to be able to deliver according to the set goals
  • RQ answers the question: What do I need to do?
  • The focus is on problem solving based on performance and results
  • RQ is about values that can be measured
  • To think logically, strategically and tactically in a structured way
EQ - Emotional Intelligence
  • EQ is about managing your and others’ feelings
  • EQ is about managing people and teams
  • EQ is about showing empathy
  • EQ answers the question: How do I relate to myself and my employees?
  • To inspire in your leadership and get others motivated
  • Listening and showing courage can increase the team’s ability to collaborate and achieve results – it requires self-understanding and a desire to change
SQ - Spiritual Intelligence
  • RQ and SQ rely entirely on our understanding of our SQ – our spiritual intelligence. It is a dependency relationship where SQ is the very foundation upon which everything else rests. When the foundation sways, the whole house sways as well
  • Your inner compass that answers the questions: Why do I exist – and for whom?
  • It is your journey towards understanding who you are. How you work and why you act the way you do
  • To examine your inner world and your true self that underlies your outer self, the part of yourself that meets the outside world
  • When you truly know yourself, you can sort through the noise and see what is really important – for yourself and for the people you lead
  • Since it is more difficult to measure SQ than RQ, this dimension has not received the attention it deserves. Self-awareness creates a powerful leadership that affects the organization and the people in it
  • SQ is more abstract than EQ and RQ – but is equally important and can be crucial to make a difference
  • SQ will make the most important difference in your leadership – you will have the power to stand-up for yourself and what you believe in. Your life becomes more authentic and your leadership grounded in your own inner stability
  • SQ makes you go beyond your Ego

Develop your leadership with the help of a new Swedish leadership model developed through a large empirical material. The model shows what skills and competencies are needed for both the managerial and leadership roles. Leadership intelligence shows what skills you need for a balanced leadership.